Saturday, August 23, 2014

Smoking - is a disease.

     Tobacco smoking is classified as a Mental & Behavioural Disorder under the WHO International Classification of Diseases 
(ICD-10) coded as F17.2

Tobacco users are nicotine addicts.

Why do people smoke?
To relax.
For the taste.
To fill the time.
" Something to do with my hands. "
But, for the most part, people continue to smoke
because they find it too uncomfortable to quit.
Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?
1. Physical dependence on nicotine.
2. Behavioural dependence. 
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  1. confirm rokok tak sihat still org nk!!..wlaupun dah tahu lebih bahaya dari sihat..tetap org beli..mcm mana nak buek

  2. mcm mana nak bg org berhenti merokok? sedangkan dia tahu rokok tu memudaratkan...


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