Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Me - in sorrow?

My true life story..
I've done these.
I've experienced this.
People did all these to me + blame me.
But, I always did this when am at workplace.
Because I knew this.
But this 1 gave me a great challenge :D
Please la..I need to finish my last words.
Sumber image - En. Google


  1. Haha.. cool :D Those were my early years in school T_T

    1. Yess cool rite, Yun Sing.
      May u all have a great day everyday.

  2. if you decide to be strong, you will be..Indeed doc

  3. hehe..baru yang serius, nampak yang last tu terus senyum.. taulah wifi opis ni selalu hp tak dapat detect

  4. fikir positif juga lah kan. kalau xde manusia yang mmbenci, menghina, mungkin kita xkan berjaya sampai sekarang ni.

    yang penting, kita dah ke depan, diorang masih terkapai2 di belakang.

    be strong. ^^,


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