Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jokes: Foot traffic.

     During a bout of snow and ice last winter, a local store ran out of wellington boots. The shoe department was on the first floor, so the management decided to help out by placing a notice halfway up the stairs saying, " No wellingtons ".
     To their surprise,  they later found a long row of wellington boots at the top of the stairs,  which customers had removed before setting foot on the first floor.
~Kate Greenway~


  1. haahahaah... no wellingtons... dh misunderstood dh dorg..hahaha

  2. hehehehe..ambiguous punye notice ni...customer pon salah faham..

  3. asyik pergi open house je..jom ke blog syira :D
    blog syira ada buat "open blog" tauu..nanti datang la kutip duit raya..hehee...

  4. baca awal-awal tadi x faham. bila baca balik, baru faham. hahahaha. aduhai. betul juga apa yang diorang buat tu.

    setiap orang kefahamannya berbeza. ^^

  5. No wellingtons pon boleh. Haha. Terer punya management dorang :)

  6. Hahaha lawak argh.. sepatutnya "Wellingtons out of stock" :3

  7. hahaha.. utk org yg BI nya power.


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