Friday, February 21, 2014

I am happy.. I am not...I am happy.. I am not

     1 month passed.  But I still cannot say whether I am happy or not with this new environment. In addition,  I feel that sometimes I cannot think properly a.k.a not focus. Why all this happened? Maybe part of the answers are because of the sins that I did. That I realized.. but haven't take any action to improve. Yeah..why la I am like this?
     Readers, there must be 1001 things in your mind at this moment, right? Biarlah rahsia. I won't reveal ok. So sorry. The only hint I can give is that I keep on hurting d feeling of someone I love. Hurting heart of someone that loved me with all his heart...and someone who promised to take care of me for my entire life whatever the circumstances. I love you, sayang. But I am addicted to do what I already did.
     What I did?
 Whatever laaa..
I tried to change.. But everything seem futile. Erggghhh..