Friday, June 13, 2014

Laugh is the best medicine.

Have u ever heard that laugh is the best medicine?
Penah kan?
Here are some jokes that I read from the Reader's Digest:

I was really impressed when I heard my 70-year-old friend call his wife names like
'sweet' & 'honey'.
When I was alone with him, I told him so.
He replied,
" I forgot her name years ago, and I've been so scared to ask her. "

" I think my goldfish has seizures, " a man tells the veterinarian.
" He seems fine now, " says the vet.
" Now, sure. But just wait till I take him out of the bowl. "

Lawyer : I will take 1 million Dollars for settling your divorce.
Husband : Are u mad?
The priest took just 100 dollars for conducting the marriage !
Lawyer : Well, we can see the result of such a cheap arrangement.


  1. hihi. dia lupa nama isteri dia..

  2. hik hik hik.. ketawa memang penawar yang terbaik.. tapi banyak ketawa pun boleh jadi lupa

  3. laugh is a medicine but it should be in a moderate way. if it comes too much,we will be afraid that sad things will come after that.

  4. lepas nie nak ketawa jer lah..hahaha


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