Sunday, May 25, 2014

I love it most when...

- I kiss your cheeks, your nose & your forehead when i went to work early morning
- All of you standing at the door calling mama..mama...once i came back from work
-And you start pushing each other because u want to help me with whatever i carry in hand
(while the youngest stare clueless at the corner of the living room looking what la his abang2 are busy at OR maybe he was thinking that one day he can join them). Ahhaaaa...
- U busy asking mama which attire you have to wear when we plan for outings
(eventhough there are not much shirt or pants in the closet)
- I cuddled & you stopped crying
- U lean against my arm when u watching cartoons
- U sleep on my lap when u feel tired
- U having conversations with me
- U busy telling story but I couldn't understand your words & just nodding because that will satisfy you
- U ask me everything on earth you don't know..[like i know the answer]..hehe..but u feel happy when i respond well
- U mess the room with your books, coloring utensils or even 'sketch'
- U laugh when I tickled you or when I make jokes [ but i myself was thinking.. It's not really a joke, actually]. But u keep laughing
- U growing up healthy & happy in front of my eyes..

As years goes by..u will grow bigger & u won't do the same things u did now..
But I will still miss those days that we spent together. 


Enjoy your reading.
And please come again next time.
~ Dr. Shikin @ Nazeck ~