Sunday, April 17, 2016

Glacial Clay facial mask.

Ingat lagi tak entri lepas ~ Online Shopping - LAZADA?
Kat situ aku ada sebut sikit pasal masker muka Glacial Clay ni kan? So, kalau nak tau lebih lanjut boleh baca sini.

Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask 

Made in Korea LAB & Company Inc.

Purifying cooling & Pore refining treatment with Canadian colloidal clay & Avena satiba oatmeal.

Proven to tackle the causes of pores & excess sebum secretion, Glacial Clay Facial Mask purifies the skin, as well as minimizes the enlarged pores & firms the sagging pore walls.
Canadian colloidal clay (30,000ppm) removes toxins & impurities in pores.
Avena satiba oatmeal eliminates surface debris & moisturizes.
The 2 together and work to treat potential problematic conditions.
The formula helps to remove oiliness & prevents the appearance of black heads while leaving cooling effect after.
This is not just an instant "cover-up" product: without clogging or filling the pores, the silicone-free everyday facial mask will promise you results for your clearer skin.

Directions :
Apply enough amount of the mask over your face after toning.
Avoid direct eye areas.
Leave it for 10-15min to dry.
Rinse it off with clean water, followed by thorough toning & moisturizing.
Can be also used partially on problematic areas with excessive sebum secretion.

Enjoy glacial-night for beautifully awakened look of you, next morning!

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