Friday, February 21, 2014

I am happy.. I am not...I am happy.. I am not

     1 month passed.  But I still cannot say whether I am happy or not with this new environment. In addition,  I feel that sometimes I cannot think properly a.k.a not focus. Why all this happened? Maybe part of the answers are because of the sins that I did. That I realized.. but haven't take any action to improve. Yeah..why la I am like this?
     Readers, there must be 1001 things in your mind at this moment, right? Biarlah rahsia. I won't reveal ok. So sorry. The only hint I can give is that I keep on hurting d feeling of someone I love. Hurting heart of someone that loved me with all his heart...and someone who promised to take care of me for my entire life whatever the circumstances. I love you, sayang. But I am addicted to do what I already did.
     What I did?
 Whatever laaa..
I tried to change.. But everything seem futile. Erggghhh..


  1. sedar akan kesilapan sendiri itu lebih baik daripada hidup dalam kejahilan

  2. muka takpuas hati senyum baru comel..

  3. apapun ia, moga semuanya baik-baik saja.

  4. kdg2 duduk bersendiri pon, kesilapan yg lalu pon boleh terimbas balik... apa2 pon... kita kena jugak hadapi

  5. Masa tulis entri ni ada tak main tarik2 petal bunga? Hihihi don't worry Shikin. Selagi ada hela nafas, selagi itu Allah mengizinkan kita utk baiki diri.


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~ Dr. Shikin @ Nazeck ~